The projects are focussed around integrations to combine data in multiple tools into a solution, automations to reduce effort and run more reliably, and data archiving & migration to ensure key data is conserved for future reference, regulatory compliance, or to resume development.

application areas

archiving & migration


Automates the migration of data between Atlassian Jira or Confluence instances. It prepares export files for import to another instance, among others by setting the key, setting the baseurl, and mapping usernames.

Migration, Atlassian

Archive Service

Archives data from a development platform, such as TeamForge, into a read-only, stand-alone archive. The archive is designed to last, relying strictly on simple, static HTML content with files, served by a standard web server

Archiving, TeamForge


Archives data from version control repositories, such as ClearCase and Subversion, into a file system, flat file system, or a Git repository

Migration, Subversion, Git, ClearCase


Subversion has been in use for over two decades and was the most widely used version control tool at its time. Alternatives like Clearcase have also aged. Git is the new solution for version control read more…

Subversion to Git migration

authentication & user management

Crowd Timestamp-to-Date

Human readable date tooltips for timestamp values in input fields, such as user attributes, for Atlassian Crowd

Integration, Atlassian

LDAP Crowd adapter

An LDAP Server that delegates requests to Atlassian Crowd

Authentication, Atlassian

Central SAML Logout

A dedicated service to perform a SAML 2.0 Single Logout (SLO).

Authentication, Atlassian

Application & User Retiring Automation

This plugin allows removing duplicate users from different directories in Atlassian Jira

Authentication, Atlassian


Helpdesk Automation (HelAS)
Automated team on-boarding and self-service user management

User Management

operations & deployments

Stack parametrisation: ConfAPI, AdminAPI

Plugins to automatically set parameters for specific tools: Confluence, Jira, Crowd.

Operations, Atlassian


Multitool for Jira, Confluence, Crowd, Artifactory, GitLab, SonarQube, Jenkins Tool to execute administrative operations in bulk, based on declarative input and APIs. It supports Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Crowd, Jfrog Artifactory, Gitlab, SonarSource SonarQube, and Jenkins.

Operations, Atlassian, GitLab, SonarSource, Sonarqube, Jenkins, JFrog

Speed Convict Minimal

An easy way to smoke test your apps.

Besides using Speedconvict Monitoring to actively monitor production instances, the jmeter tooling can also be used for functional smoke tests.



Functional Tests with its commons library and test features

Automated test cases (cucumber feature files, …​) + Test framework (Selenium grid, glue code, npm packages). And the commons library for webdriverio-based functional tests.

Testing, Selenium


The Test Result Abstraction Connection Kit (TRACK) provides test result tracking


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