Subversion has been in use for over two decades and was the most widely used version control tool at its time. Alternatives like Clearcase have also aged. Git is the new solution for version control, and in recent years, it has gained widespread adoption. The use of older software configuration management (SCM) solutions, including Subversion, can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, compliance concerns are a challenge as companies try to meet legal requirements while considering migration. Secondly, the costs associated with the migration from older systems are a significant factor. The idea of retaining 100% of historical data also deters a quick transition. However, older SCM systems incur costs, increase the workload of IT organizations, and do not provide good value for modern business requirements. SVN2GIT is not just a tool for transferring data from one system to Git repositories, but also for conducting a detailed analysis of existing data sets. SVN2GIT also facilitates the migration of Git repositories from stand-alone SVN repositories without dependencies like externalities, simplifying the transition. Binary tarballs expand the capabilities of SVN2GIT, providing an alternative and flexible solution for storing different types of information. Furthermore, SVN2GIT allows our clients to successfully perform migrations alongside project stakeholders with the targeted support of our experienced consultants.

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