Subscription Licensing

Open Pool works with a subscription model tailored to a community in which subscribers actively maintain software products and share best practices.


The membership tiers are based on the level of involvement and access desired:

    • Community — Permission to use, modify, and re-distribute modified versions of the software components and offers full access to all resources, such as source code, build results, releases, tickets, forums, and updates. Direct support from developers on a best effort basis. Or as addition to the subscription, Premium Support with defined response times and issue analyses as defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Implementing a solution to an issue may require an additional service contract or pool points, depending on the issue at hand.
    • Use as-is — Permission to use the software components and offers access to releases, defect tickets, community forums, and updates. Technical support on usage requires a service contract.

Pricing is based on the level of involvement in the community and starts at €30,000 per annum for the Community subscription and €15,000 per annum for the Use as-is subscription.

Pool Points

Open Pool has implemented a points system to engage members in the decision taking process, help set priority on tasks effectively, and ensure resources are allocate the most pressing needs and priorities of the community.

Each premium subscriber is allocated a number of points on a regular basis (annually) as part of their subscription.  The number of points allocated depends on the subscription level/level of involvement. Subscribers can purchase additional points.

Subscribers can submit tasks to be considered for implementation with the community.  These tasks can range from bug fixes and enhancements to new features. Subscribers can vote on tasks to increase the priority for it to be implemented.  Each subscriber can allocate their points to the tasks they consider most important or valuable. The priority on tasks are based on the number of points allocated to them by subscribers.

Members can spend pool points on various things:

    • To vote on tasks, such as feature requests, bug fixes, and improvements.
    • To purchase a packaged service from ASERVO, such as a DevOps Workshop, a DevSecOps Assessment, or a Binary Management Analysis.
    • Packaged services


The community adheres to contribution based, reciprocal licenses.

The ASERVO Community License (ACL) grants members permission to use, modify, and redistribute modified versions of the work, and it requires the same rights be preserved in derivative works.  The ACL governs how contributions are licensed, distributed, and attributed within the project without requiring transfer of ownership.  Transferring ownership of code is typically difficult and labour intensive to arrange between companies.

Reciprocal, copyleft (as opposed to permissive) ensure that derivative works of the software remain under the same license terms to ensure others can benefit from your contributions, as you did developing your contribution.

The ASERVO User License grants members with a Use As-Is subscription to use a specific component.

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